Our Vision

Make disciples, plant and strengthen churches, leading to transformed lives and communities.

Our Values

The gospel is Jesus. Gospel literally means “good news”, and it refers to the message about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection and the resulting benefits that come our way. The two primary works of the Gospel are to save us and to empower us to live saved.  

The doctrine of God’s Sovereignty ‘lies at the foundation of Christian theology… the centre of gravity in the solar system of Christian truth…the cord upon which all other doctrines are strung like so many pearls, holding them in place and giving them unity’.

Closely related to God’s Sovereignty is His grace. God’s acceptance of us is undeserved and unconditional. (In fact, it is better than unconditional because He accepts us as we are, but graciously then works to form us into the image of Jesus). We eagerly desire the spiritual gifts, and have regular opportunities for being filled with the Holy Spirit. Remember, just Word and you dry up. Just Spirit and you blow up. Word and Spirit you grow up. 

Our Eldership Team

Joseph James
Joseph JamesLead Elder

Joseph, Brittany and their two children have lived in Dar Es Salaam since 2016. After their first time visiting God’s Tribe Church, they knew they found their church home. Throughout the years, they served in various ministries and grew under the leadership and preaching of Pastor Sheshi. Prior to the passing of Sheshi in 2021, he asked Joseph to join the eldership team of God’s Tribe. After serving for a year during his eldership training, Joe was installed as an elder in March of 2022.

God continued to reveal His plan for God’s Tribe to press on to reach the city with the gospel after the passing of Sheshi, and in August of 2022 Joseph was named lead elder. Joseph is pursuing his Master of Divinity and has a desire to serve others and equip them in their faith journey to find, follow, and share Jesus Christ with others.

Sode Matiku
Sode MatikuElder

Dr. Sode Matiku is husband and a father to a beautiful daughter. He served as an elder of God’s Tribe Church for the last five years. Sode is a native of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He is a medical doctor by profession and runs a polyclinic and a public health consultancy firm both based in Dar es Salaam. 

Sode is a second born from a family of five siblings. He is married to Aika Makindara and have a 14-year-old daughter Zanella Matiku. He was raised in a Christian home and accepted Jesus in his late 30s. He Joined God’s Tribe in 2016 and together with his wife were water baptized in 2017. Sode started the eldership journey as an elder in training in 2018 and was ordained in February 2021. Together with his wife they host Ununio life group. Sode is an international consultant supporting over 20 countries and organizations around the world in fighting against Tuberculosis (TB) infection. 

Arthur Kyara
Arthur KyaraElder

Arthur, married to Alice, live in Mbezi Beach and have been married for 4 years. Their church family have grown to become real family over the years. It remains a blessing for them to serve in a loving and genuine community such as God’s Tribe and they enjoy doing this together.
Arthur, who grew up in Eswatini, moved to Tanzania in 2014 and works at Coca-Cola. At GT he serves on the Eldership team and Co-Leads a Life Group. Alice grew up in Mwanza and currently works as Program Manager for Global Hope, MUHAS (Muhimbili University); at GT she leads the Prayer & Benevolence Ministries whilst also Co-leading a Life group. In their spare time they enjoy spending quality time with one another, watching movies or hanging out with friends. Alice is passionate about business and sells synthetic hair & accessories, Arthur enjoys all things coffee.




The History of God’s Tribe

Kaniki Family
Kaniki Family

God’s Tribe was birthed out of the call that God placed on Sheshi in 2004 to return to the land of his forefathers and rebuild the broken walls of the city of Dar er Salaam by planting a church – hence the God’s Tribe tagline: Building people. Building the city

At the time of the call, Sheshi was a PhD student at the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa. Sheshi  was born in Dar es Salaam  but spent over 30 years in several countries, mainly in Southern Africa. Sheshi was planning to progress in his career as an Economist. Instead, God redirected him through the story of Nehemiah. In this story,  God called Nehemiah to return home to build the broken walls of Jerusalem. Sheshi embraced the call and for 9 years, God used his time in South Africa as an elder at  God First Church as a training ground. In 2012, Sheshi and Trudie- his wife and their 3  sons moved to  the vibrant city of Dar es Salaam. Kelvin and Belinda Massingham, dear friends of the Kanikis, moved to Dar er Salaam with them.    They also arrived in Dar es Salaam in December 2012, with their three children. They were serving on the leadership team of Jubilee Community Church in Cape Town for about 15 years. They had a similar call as the Kanikis to go to other nations to rebuild broken walls in people’s lives through church planting.. The Massinghams now live in Cairo, Egypt. 

The 2 couples and their 6 children met for prayers weekly and God began to add to them like minded people- who wanted to see a Bible believing Church planted in Dar er Salaam.  During the course of 2013, the church planting team grew and the church was launched with a core group of about 15 adults and 20 children on September 8th of that year. 

 Sheshi  led God’s Tribe Church until  May 2020 when he was diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer called Glioblastoma Multiforme. Sheshi underwent surgery and chemotherapy but after 15 months of fighting, he went home to be with Jesus on October 3rd,  2021. Despite what he knew about his prognosis, Sheshi continued to faithfully serve God’s Tribe through preaching which he loved doing. In his sickness, he set an example in the way he treated people, how he never gave up meeting with others, encouraging them and his extraordinary faith and endurance in the midst of suffering. God’s Tribe Church has learnt a lot out of how Sheshi suffered well to the very end. He is loved on earth and loved in heaven.

Get Connected

As God’s Tribe moves and grows as a community, we would love for you to join us on this journey, take part in being a vessel of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Follow our social media platforms to get connected in how we as a community make disciples, plant and strengthen churches, leading to transformed lives and communities.

Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand. It is the greatest gift anyone can give.