Living To Serve Him

Jesus himself did not come to be served, but rather to serve. We don’t just serve in order to get the job done, but to imitate Christ and develop godly maturity because serving is a fundamental characteristic of the Christian life. Jesus said that greatness in His eyes is to serve and demonstrated this by washing His disciples feet and ultimately dying on the cross for the sins of mankind. 

We are committed to imitating God’s generosity by being generous with our money. Here is a good place to talk about our philosophy of giving. 

Don & Nancy Kweka
Don & Nancy KwekaKid's Ministry
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Frank & Heidi SanchezYouth Ministry
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Trudie KanikiWelcome & Hospitality Ministry
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Aaron & Steph Boon (left), Efeh & Alfred Amoah (right)
Aaron & Steph Boon (left), Efeh & Alfred Amoah (right)Married Life

The primary biblical metaphor for the church is a family, and we are passionate about protecting the family atmosphere of our church. The main gift that ensures this is that of hospitality – words, actions and attitudes of love and acceptance towards others.

Some may prefer a more structured approach, others a more spontaneous approach. We hope to regularly invite people to share a meal in our homes.  We also regard the Sunday venue as a place to show hospitality by being there early and late, meeting and greeting, and keeping an eye out for those that are not part of our community. 

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